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• Working with Emotional

• Team Building

• Motivating yourself and
those around you

• Speed Reading

• Planing an office

• Time Management

• Assertiveness

• Communication Problems

• Negotiations

• Stress Management

• Body Language

• Slide Shows for Schools

• Business English

• English for Tourism Experts

• Travel Agency Expertise

• Tour Operator Fundamentals





Communication consists of four parts: The message, the transmitter, the method of transmission and the recipient. In today' modern world there are many forms to chose from when deciding how to get the message across. This session will look at the difficulties that we have in finding the right form of communication and how things can go wrong with any form we choose. We will look at the pros and cons of using text messaging, e-mail, fax, telephone or one-on-one communication. Should your message be given verbally, in writing or using graphics or pictures? Find out when to use which form and what basic rules should be followed once you have chosen your method.